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lostangelsoul3's Journal

29 May
LostAngelSoul on AO3. Total geek, bookworm, aspie and twenty-something (i.e. I am over 18) chaser of rainbows. I like happy endings. And no, that's not a euphemism XD

I’m a homo-romantic asexual, and pretty open about it. Online, at least. It rarely comes up in “real life”.

I work a lot, when I’m not working I’m either studying for work exams (fun.....) or enjoying a much needed (though almost stressful - you know you’ve had to study too much when you feel paranoid because you *don’t* have textbooks/notes/folders in front of you) break between exams when I can catch up with everything and everyone :) Particularly fanfics. My favourites tend to be from the HP, DW and OUAT fandoms, but I’ll read anything I’m familiar with, so recommendations are always welcome ^_^