lostangelsoul3 (lostangelsoul3) wrote,

Birthday pressies!


How fitting that my first post should be on my birthday....

These are the presents I had by the end of the day 😁 Of course the book started out as a voucher and the boxset as money (it’s like my family think I’m awkward to buy for or something!), but a brief shopping trip soon fixed that.

I’ve just watched Discovery of Witches on Sky and oh my goodness, it was wonderful. Thank goodness there are books for me to fall back on until the next series comes out.

And Xena, I haven’t seen since I was a kid, but I always loved that there was a princess out there who kicked ass rather than waiting for a man to come along and solve her problems (*cough* Disney *cough*).

As for the notebook, hopefully it will prompt me to start writing again. There’s a HP fanfic on ao3 that is stuck in limbo at the moment after all.

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