My take on Hogwarts ldws week 3 prompt ;)

200 words on the prompt “leather”. See for the official entries 😁


Severus’s world was dark.

The feeling of the ropes around his wrists, the hard chair beneath him, minor distractions, easily ignored.

The silken blindfold over his eyes, less easy; it caressed his eyelids every time he moved his head.

The door creaked open and he focused on the sharp click of heels over the stone floor, the soft rustle of those same heels on the thick rug shared by his own bare feet. With each step he heard the brush of leather on leather and his heartrate increased.

He felt her stand before him, reach down to untie the blindfold.

As the silk slipped away, he blinked up at her. Black leather bound curves, knee high boots, dark brown eyes and crimson lips. Familiar, yet at the same time, new.

She straddled him and her leather brushed against his bare skin as she brought those crimson lips to his ear, making him shiver in response.

“Are you sure about this, love? Remember, you can stop at anytime...” she whispered in a sultry voice that couldn’t distract him from the thoughtfulness and care of the words. His heart swelled with love for this woman. His wife. His Hermione.

“I’m sure, Mistress.....”

Promise of evil card games

Off to the east coast this weekend with my latest new game - I feel like there will be quite a few out there who’d appreciate this.

Why isn’t there a free electronic/online multiplayer version? Missing an opportunity there for hermits like myself who need to drive across the country to see their friends in person.

Birthday pressies!


How fitting that my first post should be on my birthday....

These are the presents I had by the end of the day 😁 Of course the book started out as a voucher and the boxset as money (it’s like my family think I’m awkward to buy for or something!), but a brief shopping trip soon fixed that.

I’ve just watched Discovery of Witches on Sky and oh my goodness, it was wonderful. Thank goodness there are books for me to fall back on until the next series comes out.

And Xena, I haven’t seen since I was a kid, but I always loved that there was a princess out there who kicked ass rather than waiting for a man to come along and solve her problems (*cough* Disney *cough*).

As for the notebook, hopefully it will prompt me to start writing again. There’s a HP fanfic on ao3 that is stuck in limbo at the moment after all.